Gaze Palais
Ryan Gerald Nelson
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Gaze Palais
Gaze Palais
Gaze Palais
Gaze Palais
Gaze Palais
Gaze Palais
Gaze Palais
Gaze Palais
Gaze Palais
Gaze Palais
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Part treatise in its adolescence, part foundational slab, part visual lexicon casually unfurled like an unexposed roll of film that you just in this exact moment remembered was unexposed and frantically rewind back into its tiny plastic canister: Gaze Palais presents the artist’s theory of The Image woven through the stacks of image-sacraments propping up this palais.

Gaze Palais merges “Displaced Gaze” (a text first published by Ryan Gerald Nelson in 2015) and Nelson’s ongoing project Peripheries (2014–present).

Era Editions No. 1
First edition printing of 75

Printing: 3-color silkscreen, printed by hand (covers); 1-color black, sheet-fed printed on an HP LaserJet 5000n (pages)
Papers: French Paper Chipboard Kraft, 100lb cover (covers); Munken Print White 15, 80gsm (pages)
Binding: 3-hole pamphlet stitch with white thread
Dimensions: 200 x 280 mm (7.87 x 11 in.)
Pages: 48


Era Editions is an artist-run publishing project founded in 2021.

an amorphous solid state
astronomical bodies
dense fog
displaced gaze
distancing effect
geodetic marks
good thick shrouds of mystique
leaving the movie theater
lost in the engulfing mirror
objet petit a
soft burn
the graven image
the image becomes a veil
the image field
the interstice
the periphery
et al




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